Unhealthy Cravings

Okay, so you’re leaving work and you’ve had a long day. For some reason, nothing seemed to go quite right today. You skipped lunch because you desperately needed to complete a project by the end of the day. Now you’re finally leaving work -- feeling tired, a tad bit anxious and extremely hungry.

workout fatigue

We get it -- you're tired of working out. Who isn't?! To help, we've rounded up some of the best advice we could find to help you fight workout burnout.

Gym Bag Essentials

Living an active life can also mean living a life on the go. Whether it’s your car, purse or gym bag, if you are anything like me, you feel like your whole life is always portable. Over the years, I have discovered what basic essentials every gal needs to keep in her gym bag.

Stay Healthy

One thing that a lot of people find tricky is trying to maintain their healthy lifestyle and digestion during vacation. I know this isn’t glamorous, but for example: One of the major issues many women have told me about their travel woes is being “backed up” -- if you know what I mean -- and it is quite an issue!

Superfood Oils

One of the things I love about cooking is that I get to experiment with all kinds of seasonings, spices, flavors and oils. A lot of folks, however, are afraid to put too much oil in their recipes, for fear of gaining weight from added calories.