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We eat foods that are good for our fitness, weight loss and nutrition goals, but the right kinds of food can do a whole lot more for our bodies. Here are a few to consider adding to your diet.

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Your skin plays a major role in protecting the rest of your body -- but how well do you look after it? Find out some of the best ways to protect one of your body’s most important assets.

eye care

Diet. Exercise. Sunscreen. Sleep. For the most part we try to take care of our bodies to the best of our abilities -- but how much attention do we pay to our eye health? Here are some things to consider.


Since I am such a food freakazoid, I try to circle out greens on my shopping list to focus on each week to use in recipes, and this week it’s Alfalfa! This super food is one of my favorite salad toppings and smoothie ingredients.


Studies show that women suffer from headaches (and particularly migraines) more than men. Find out some of the things you can do to help combat the pain in your head.